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Agenda Item: Syrian Civil War

Since the start of the Arab Spring around 2010 and the consequent civil wars that followed, one was a larger, more controversial and on the World stage, a lot more important conflict than all of the others combined. Changing the political complexion of the Middle East almost overnight and further destabilizing the already volatile region, as well as giving ISIL the opportunity and the grounds to get even more powerful in its first years, the Syrian Civil War has been one of the lengthiest and most complex set of conflicts in modern history. With all of the major world powers having been involved in the conflict with boots on the ground, the regional powers flexing their muscles in the battlegrounds of Levant and an iron willed dictator not letting up on his power, the UNSC will have the hard task of somehow resolving this conflict and hopefully and finally bringing peace to the region.

Under Secretaries-General: Efe Saraç and Levent Uzay Özel

Academic Assistant: Murat Feriz 

Level of Committee: Intermediate

Efe Saraç

United Nations Security Council

Levent Uzay ÖZEL

United Nations Security Council


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