| Promotion and Protection of Human Rights Committee

Agenda Item: The Prevention of Discrimination against Queer Individuals

The United Nations Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, the main subsidiary body of the former Commission on Human Rights, was established in 1947 with 12 members.

Today, it is comprised of 26 independent experts in the field of human rights who were elected with due regard to equitable geographical distribution, and who act in their personal capacity.

The Sub-Commission's main functions are to undertake studies on human rights issues, to make recommendations concerning the prevention of discrimination of any kind relating to human rights and fundamental freedoms and the protection of racial, national, religious and linguistic minorities, and to carry out any other functions which may be entrusted to it. Studies undertaken have addressed various aspects of the realization of human rights, the administration of justice, combating discrimination and protecting the human rights of minorities, indigenous peoples and other vulnerable groups. The Sub-Commission is often described as a 'think tank'.

Today, queer individuals continue to be discriminated against from different types and different areas. However, some of the member states of the United Nations can combat discrimination by providing equality between individuals through progressive methods. For this reason, it has become compulsory for other member states to take various steps to prevent discrimination both in terms of society and law. Our aim is to eliminate discrimination against queer individuals by minimizing implementation differences between member states.

Under Secretary-General: Ali Erdoğan

Academic Assistant: Gökçe Çiçek Güder 

Level of Committee: Beginner


Promotion and Protection of Human Rights Committee

Gökçe Çiçek GÜDER

Promotion and Protection of Human Rights Committee