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Agenda Item: Getting on a single page regarding the Syrian Civil War 

Relevancy of the North Atlantic Alliance is debated since the end of the Cold-War. In the contemporary world of emerging regional powers and fluid international relations, the Alliance must first ensure its unity in the face of the new threats. Reaching a single-mindset and a common goal orientation on the topic of ongoing Syrian Civil War is now an existential issue for the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 

From the attitude towards the belligerents of the war and the political groups to the topic of displaced Syrians, to measures against global terrorism; NATO members must reach on a common set of policies that would satisfy their national interests and show the world that the North Atlantic Alliance is still relevant.

An extraordinary summit of the leaders of the allied countries in Belgium becomes the stage for taking the crucial steps into the NATO of the future.

Under Secretary-General: Oğuz Öğrenci

Academic Assistant: Cansu Civan 

Level of Committee: Intermediate


North Atlantic Treaty Organization


North Atlantic Treaty Organization