Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Humanity has successfully managed to create first its kind extra-terrestrial colony in planet Mars. This was the first step according to Soviet astronomer Kardashev, to establish Type-II civilization. Through 21st century, great pioneers and private and public sectors like Elon Musk's SpaceX, NASA, Roscosmos, CNES and more created a joint venture for the purpose of making this dream come true. Humanity now has a sustainable civilization here on Mars.

As the time passed by, human colonies stabilized their aspects of civilization. They successfully implemented Economical, military based and parliamentary reforms. The stabilized nature of new mars civilization amazed authorities from the world. However, when the colonies got bigger on citizen wise some other opinions revealed themselves. Visions out of the box created a discussion environment between groups. According to a great number of Mars's resident, they do not belong to Earth and they do not consider themselves as "human" thus they call themselves "Martian". Despite these issues, there is also a huge number of people who identify themselves as human and they believe that Mars Colony should not break bonds from Planet Earth. Tension increased and with the new leaders and people who would like to have more reforms started a civil war on 10th of may, 2123. Two sides, and the first conflict in Martian History.  A resolution or devastation.

From the traditional economy to a future economy, from developed and stabilized empires to new rebellion groups, Mars is a great place for discussing the future of the new civilization.

In IKUMUN 2019, with the assistance of authorities from the world, two main groups being the ones who would like to have a more enhanced future in Mars and the ones who would like to go back to the world will share their opinions and views in parliament boundaries. Since the political arena in the world recognised the two biggest before mentioned groups in Mars We will focus on diplomacy and realistic negotiations between the groups for deciding the future of the new civilization on Mars.

In other words, to push the limits of participants' imaginations in given boundaries and implement the political knowledge to this extraordinary JCC committee are our main goals. We hope with the extended cooperation between participants and the academic team responsible for this committee, we will successfully create the guidelines of our future. Furthermore, Each participant requires to check their emails as soon as they receive allocation thus specific intel will be sent to participants.

This committee is apt for highly experienced delegates.

Under Secretaries General: Derin ERYILMAZ and Yekta Can TURSUN