Case: Peterson v. Denmark/Colony of Antarctica

Year: 2072

Place: Denmark - Colony of Antarctica

After the Treaty of Antarctica ends in 2048, because of the beautiful resources in Antarctica, Water Wars has begun in 2050. After 5 years of War, with the negotiations, Antarctica has become a part of Denmark. In these years, Denmark’s population was increasing unrestrainedly. Because of there was no livable area in Antarctica, they decided to build facilities and send families there and this part of the world became a colony of Denmark.

In 2060, the instruction process finished, and they send the first families to Antarctica. When we come to 2063, because of the livable area was limited in Colony of Antarctica and nature’s right to life was considered so important. They decided to accept the one-child policy. If any of the citizens got pregnant for the second time, the Governor’s pushed them for curettage and if a citizen is pregnant for twins, one of the embryos were taken before birth.

In 2070, Ejnar and MettaLisa Peterson found out they are expecting twins. The gynecologist was Ejnar’s brother, so he accepted to upload the info to the system as MettaLisa is pregnant for only one baby. They also achieved to hide the situation during the birth and they named their two beautiful daughters Anika and Anine. After a month, the state officers found out about the second baby. After some argument State find it against to Constitution and decided the baby who born first can live but the second born must die. Little Anika was murdered just because of she born 3 minutes after than her sister.

The Peterson’s applied to European Court of Human Rights, by arguing the State act against their daughter’s right to life, Article 2 of European Convention on Human Rights.

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