Agenda Item: Open Agenda

In the year of 1949, a time in which the World had just been freed from the mass destruction that the WWII brought, there was a huge controversy on the new order the world would follow. The power balance of the world was being shared between two major actors that would be the locomotives of two primary blocs: The Western and The Eastern Bloc.

Having been set in an Alternative Universe, A-NATO committee of IKUMUN ‘19 will let you experience a world you’ve never seen before. Blocs are ancient. The world  and the aggressors evolved a lot. Once crystal clear, enemies and friends are blurry. Total chaos is near. In a time current mechanisms are questioned, you will face new countries, new powers, new balances and of course, new enemies.

Nobody told us 2019 would come packed with such action. Now, we tell it to you. Prepare for the next big thing and apply for IKUMUN’19 NATO Committee!

This committee is apt for intermediate level delegates.

Under Secretaries General: Batuhan AKYAZI and Birgül Bican KUTLU