Agenda Item: Open Agenda

When the World War 2 ended, United Nations has established in order to prevent devastating events and another World War. Despite the efforts of UN, the World is more chaotic every day that goes by even though there has not been any World War, yet.

Throughout this period the World is boiling with the issues such as, tension between great powers that forms the very foundation of European Union has risen, never ending conflict between Pakistan and India has erupted again, brink of all-out war in the middle-east and ongoing financial warfare West and East.

Now, in the year 2040 UNSC has gathered in order to talk global phenomenon’s such as disruption between the European Union, political upheaval at Middle-East, financial inconsistency and recent Kashmir Outburst. While the World ravages and UN is on the brink of collapse, can the SC stabilize long lost peace?

This committee is apt for experienced delegates.

Under Secretary General: Bora DİKME

Assistant Under Secretaries General: Yusuf Ozan DİRİCAN