Agenda Item: The issue regarding the status of non-NPT nuclear states and the states who are currently in the process of developing nuclear weaponry.

In 1945, on a warm August day, the humanity faced a devastating power, and the whole world changed. The fission of atomic nuclei gave us an unbelievably amount of energy, which could be weaponized and used for bringing terror to your hostile’s homeland, in a scale not comparable with conventional weapons.

Fighting against a power, armed with such nuclear weapons, did not make sense. When your rivals also gained access to these weapons, the mutually assured destruction rendered any large-scale war between the super powers just a concept of the past. So, it happened, the Cold War started. The powers on the both sides wanted to make sure no other country could access or develop any nuclear weapon of their own. They wanted to continue to be the oligopoly of the power. They made an agreement, and then had nearly all the other states sign it; the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

The world has been changing though, as we are shifted from a bipolar world to a multipolar one, where local powers gained more influence on the political issues, it was inevitable that the validity of the NPT was to be tested. As the DISEC Committee of IKUMUN’19, we are assigned to analyze, discuss, and bring up solutions for the issues regarding the current non-NPT nuclear states and the future of nuclear power. We are going to be buried into complex matters, from the meaning of being a sovereign state, to the limits of the United Nation’s authority, from nuclear weapons as a factor of deterrence, to the technical details regarding the weapons themselves and their development processes.

No matter how difficult it sounds, you must not forget that in the worst-case scenario of a full-scale nuclear exchange, the whole human population will end up buried under debris. The stakes are as high as mushroom clouds. You are very welcomed to join us saving our world!

This committee is apt for beginner level delegates.

Under Secretary General: Angelos BERBERAKİS

Assistant Under Secretary General: Oğuz ÖĞRENCİ